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HEI Provides Funding for Clean Water and Sustainability

Children being helped by Heifer InternationalHolland Engineering (HEI) is proud to continue to support Heifer International, a charity with the mission to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.

Throughout the year, our staff donates their can and bottle return refunds to our ongoing charity fund. We use the proceeds, along with additional donations from HEI, to fund various projects and support sustainable farming all over the world through Heifer International. This past spring, we gave the Gift of Clean Water and the Gift of Seedlings.

The Gift of Clean Water provides communities with clean, healthy water for daily living. Treadle pumps are installed so families have better access to water, communities are taught to manage water resources, and overall health and living conditions are improved.

Growing seedlings for Heifer InternationalThe Gift of Seedlings includes a variety of seedlings and saplings that are appropriate for the region. Families are taught to nurture these young trees and the importance of reforestation. The trees provide firewood, and nutritious nuts and fruits to improve health. They also purify the air and enrich the soil.

We're proud to continue to support Heifer International as they fulfill their mission to end hunger and poverty.

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