HEI rolls-out ArcGIS Server

Our world is ever changing. Keeping track of and communicating these changes can be a nearly impossible task unless you have the right people, process, and technology. The good news is Holland Engineering has all three, and we’re continuing to provide value to our clients by adding a powerful mapping tool to our arsenal, ArcGIS Server.

ArcGIS Server helps our team build, manage, display and analyze spatial data on the Internet. This mapping technology creates a server-based platform that enables HEI to develop and manage GIS web services, applications, and datasets. It allows our team to share real-time data to any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Some of ArcGIS Server’s most advantageous features include:

  • Creating interactive web applications for project management
  • Setting up web maps for collecting and editing data in the field
  • Easy data sharing for both project managers and our clients

Holland Engineering’s GIS department capabilities allow us to provide our clients with a highly efficient organization of geospatial data. Whether a client is in conceptual planning, preliminary design, significant project changes, permit and agency submittals, construction or as-built documentation phases we can provide an analysis of real-time data, plan documents as well as online interactive mapping.

The benefits of Holland Engineering’s GIS services include:

  • Reduction in project schedule from start to finish
  • Support extensive team collaboration
  • Promote detailed communication both visually and verbally
  • Decrease project costs

Holland Engineering’s GIS team has years of experience, strong educational backgrounds, and are committed to continuing their education. They are all members of IMAGIN (Improving Michigan’s Access to Geographic Information Networks) that has a mission to promote the professional development of Michigan’s geospatial community by offering special educational events, conferences, and networking opportunities.

ArcGIS Server is another step forward toward our commitment to using GIS at Holland Engineering. Next on the agenda, implementing ArcGIS Pro!

If you have questions about how ArcGIS can benefit you, of if you have general GIS inquiries, email GIS@hollandengineering.com or call our Holland, MI office at (616) 392-5938.