HEI Sponsors Sack Suppers for Kids’ Food Basket

On Wednesday, October 12, Holland Engineering teamed up with Kids’ Food Basket and sponsored an entire day’s worth of Sack Suppers for children in Holland, Michigan. In addition, HEI team members were able to help pack meals for 458 children in just one day.

The Sack Supper Program provides nutritionally balanced meals to kids, filling the gap that schools and parents are often incapable of meeting. These Sack Suppers provide the nutrients and energy children need for strong minds and healthy bodies. This program has such a powerful impact because it helps kids stay focused, get their homework done, and keep up with other children.

Each month HEI team members volunteer at Kids’ Food Basket. We are proud to donate to such an amazing organization and look forward to supporting them in the future with their fight to end childhood hunger.