Helping Our Clients Stay in Compliance with Hydrostatic Testing

Twenty-fifteen was a year of pipeline hydrostatic testing discharge compliance for Holland Engineering’s   Environmental Group.  HEI completed two, forty-mile hydrostatic tests for TransCanada/ANR Pipeline Company in Michigan using our expertise in permitting hydrostatic water withdrawal, discharge, water additive permitting, and discharge monitoring reporting.  Our Environmental Group assisted in the site selection of the withdrawal and discharge sites and successfully completed hydrostatic discharge permitting with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Surface Water Discharge Permitting Staff.

Each project presented its own unique challenges. One project involved the use of two West Michigan rivers and the second project involved the use of a landowner’s private pond.  Water quality, environmental resources, and pipeline integrity considerations for our client were the focus of both projects.  HEI’s Environmental Inspectors worked around the clock during our hydrostatic testing projects to ensure that the activities conducted were in compliance with the issued permits.  Through the use of water filtration systems, hydrostatic test water discharge permit obedience, and diligent Environmental Inspection, these two, forty-mile tests were successfully completed with schedule, budget, and water quality in mind.

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