Holland Engineering Launches Mobile Lidar Scanning Team

Holland Engineering is proud to announce the incorporation of Mobile Lidar to its growing list of services.  Recognizing the need to provide clients with the best solutions for each project, Holland Engineering is constantly evaluating the technologies that will best serve our clients.

Mobile Lidar allows the ability to drive at highway speeds while collecting 3D data on everything it can scan. Road surfaces, topographic features, bridges, signs, poles, etc. can all be captured and brought back to the office for analysis and extraction. From these virtual point clouds we can provide crack analysis on pavement, bridge clearances, create topographic maps, inventory utilities and signage to name a few of the services. In addition, we have added the ability to collect data off-road or by sea from a fully equipped boat to collect bridge, embankment information, dock and port information all from the water.
Holland Engineering is ready to meet your needs on road, off road, and by water. Look for more information on this service and how it can add value to your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about how this tool can benefit your next project.

For more information on our Mobil Lidar services, please contact our main office, at 616.392.5938.