Holland Engineering Provides Short Circuit Analysis to Their Clients


Holland Engineering, Inc. is now performing short circuit analysis and arc flash calculations for our clients utilizing EasyPower System Software. HEI was awarded projects to upgrade the short circuit analysis and arc flash studies at TransCanada’s Woolfolk, Patterson and Eunice Compressor Stations. These updates are required due to on-going electrical modifications at those sites.

The work at TransCanada involves field verification of the updated electrical work and entering field data into the facility electrical one-line system model. Field data collected includes Circuit Breaker Manufacturer and Model, Motor Horsepowers, transformer ratings, power cable sizes and lengths.

Once the system has been modeled accurately, the model is tested to evaluate potential issues regarding high short circuit ratings and to ensure that circuit breaker settings are coordinated to properly protect the site equipment.

The program also calculates Electrical Arc Flash ratings and Labels which are required to be attached to most electrical equipment rated above 240 volts. These labels are required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the labels identify the required Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) that qualified personnel are to wear when working on energized equipment. The labels also identify short circuit fault ratings and safe working distances from the equipment.

HEI is pleased to be above to assist our clients with their short circuity analysis needs. For more information on this project or on our services, please contact : Gary Smith, P.E., Energy Group Manager at 248.827.7322 or via email at gsmith@hollandengineering.com.