Holland Engineering “Tidies” Up Their Sweeping Program

For several years now, Holland Engineering’s Surveying Staff have been assisting our clients with 4-Way Sweeping services in the field. A 4-Way Sweep is an investigative process in which electronic pipe locators and other means are used to find, trace, and help identify both underground and above ground utilities within a defined geographical location.

As our experience grows and the need for this service is in greater demand by our clients, Holland Engineering has proactively put together a comprehensive training program to guide and train our employees as they provide this service to our clients.

This training is an introduction to Underground Utility/Facility Detection. It also addresses the commonly used 4-Way Sweep process. The training includes a basic knowledge of equipment, planning and procedures to conduct sweeping and 4-Way Sweep processes utilized by Holland Engineering. This program was created through a combination of manuals, laws, other training guides and most importantly, the knowledge of Holland Engineering’s most experienced Locator Teams/Sweep Crews. Every aspect of 4-way Sweeping and general facility location is covered in this training, but keep in mind that this is just a guide.

Though it is an essential tool, ultimately nothing can beat hands on training and a positive attitude on the part of crews doing the work.

The goals of the 4-Way Sweep Training Program are:

  • Safety
  • Damage Prevention
  • Route Planning

Holland Engineering is confident that our Sweeping Program will not only better equip our field professionals with the skills they need to accurately complete our clients projects but will also assist us in maintaining an excellent safety record while in the field.