Survey Scholarship Awarded to FSU Student, Travis Steenwyk

Each year Holland Engineering awards a $2,500 scholarship to local college students. We offered this year’s scholarship to Survey students from Ferris State University and Michigan Technological University.

Holland Engineering is excited to announce the 2018 Survey Scholarship winner, Travis Steenwyk!

Travis is a sophomore in the Surveying Engineering program at Ferris State University. He is the current president of the Burt and Mullet Student Surveying organization and has attended various survey related conferences throughout his college career. He has also been working as a surveyor assistant at multiple firms since 2014. After graduation, Travis plans to work for a surveying company then take the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) exam to become a registered professional surveyor in the State of Michigan.

Mobile LiDAR is the land surveying tool that Travis finds most interesting. “It’s just cool to me that you can collect so much data in a short time. It is amazing as to how accurate the data can be. It is also a big plus that you can collect data in roadways without getting out of the truck. It’s safer being able to do it that way,” wrote Travis.

Congratulations again Travis, and best wishes as you pursue your personal and professional goals!