Using Live GIS Maps to Aid Clients with Public Meetings

Holland Engineering is often involved in multiple phases of projects for our clients. As part of the preliminary and feasibility phase, HEI will frequently put our GIS experts to work aiding our clients as they present their projects to both the public and to permitting approval agencies. Most recently, HEI began incorporating live GIS maps into our GIS deliverables. This makes sharing information on a mapping platform easier by bringing the power of GIS directly to the end user with a number of specialized features for different mapping requirements.

The following graphic gives an example of how a live GIS map can be used to present the routing of a proposed pipeline. By giving the end user the ability to use the mapping features in specific applications, our clients are able to more effectively present the information and answer specific questions about their projects. This is especially beneficial during a public forum meeting when a wide range of questions are often asked representing a variety of different interests. HEI is excited for the opportunity to expand and improve our GIS services and offer better support to our clients as we help them walk through all phases of their projects.

For more information on HEI’s GIS services, please contact Jerry Nordlund, P.S. at 616.392.5938 or via email at