Using Mobile LiDAR Scanning to Enrich our Clients’ Projects

Since incorporating Mobile LiDAR services late this past summer, Holland Engineering has been busy using this technology to create value to several of our clients on a wide range of projects.  The application for this new survey tool is deep and many of our clients are seeing the time and cost savings benefit that this tool is offering to their particular projects.

In addition to our existing projects, HEI was also awarded three Mobile LiDAR Scanning projects from the City of Grand Rapids which will utilize the technology.  HEI will utilize Mobile LiDAR on a Michigan Department of Transportation project, increasing safety and efficiency in the collection of roadway data.

HEI’s Mobile LiDAR Scanning Team is busy educating our clients on the wide range of benefits and applications of this exciting survey tool while simultaneously incorporating this technology throughout our Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Municipal Service Groups.