Water Worries? Let Holland Engineering’s Experienced Staff Help

Have you been noticing an increased level of concern among your residents regarding their water supply as the Cityof Flint has been working through their drinking water issues? As communities enter the normal spring water system flushing season, you may receive more questions than normal as sediment is stirred up in the lines.

Historically, issues like the Flint supply system raise enough public interest to influence the availability of funding for public infrastructure projects.  As the public interest is elevated, do you know what your water system needs to provide continued reliable service for your residents?

Our professionals can assist you with handouts, community meetings, and the State mandated water system reliability studies as you consider the long term needs of your water system maintenance.   Let our years of experience work for you!

For more information on Holland Engineering’s Water System Asset Management Planning, please contact Lynnelle Berkenpas, P.E., Project Manager at 616.392.5938 or via email at lberkenpas@hollandengineering.com .