Surveying in the Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can be treacherous during the winter, and the beginning of 2019 was no exception! Holland Engineering’s Pipeline Survey Group recently assisted SEMCO Energy with surveying and as-builts for its Marquette Connector project.

GIS Day – A Day for Celebrating Geography

Have you looked at a map online lately? Ever look up your property to see your parcel lines? If you have, you are probably more familiar with the term GIS than you think. Geographic Information System, or GIS, is the framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data, and then organizing and creating a visual representation for you to look at, aka your parcel map.

Survey Scholarship Awarded to FSU Student, Travis Steenwyk

Each year Holland Engineering awards a $2,500 scholarship to local college students. We offered this year’s scholarship to Survey students from Ferris State University and Michigan Technological University. Holland Engineering is excited to announce the 2018 Survey Scholarship winner, Travis Steenwyk!

Annual Scholarship Offered to Local Survey Students

Holland Engineering recognizes the value of investing in the future of young industry professionals through our internship programs and our annual scholarship.

This year’s $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to one survey student from either Ferris State University or Michigan Technological University to be used towards tuition or the purchase of student books.

Busy Summer for Local Development Projects

Holland Engineering’s Civil Infrastructure division has remained busy this summer with plenty of land development projects; including tiny houses, high-rise residential apartments, and commercial expansion projects.

Taking Data Collection to the Next Level

Our GIS and Environmental Groups have found a way to make data collecting more efficient. Using the Collector for ArcGIS App, Holland Engineering has expedited the process of collecting and uploading data from the field. Collector allows our GIS Team to upload layers, such as workspace or right-of-way, directly to the app. Our Environmental Group … Read more

HEI rolls-out ArcGIS Server

Our world is ever changing. Keeping track of and communicating these changes can be a nearly impossible task unless you have the right people, process, and technology. The good news is Holland Engineering has all three, and we’re continuing to provide value to our clients by adding a powerful mapping tool to our arsenal, ArcGIS … Read more

HEI Offers Engineering Scholarship Opportunity to Local Students

Holland Engineering recognizes the value of investing in the future of young industry professionals through our annual scholarship. Each year we alternate awarding a scholarship to either Survey or Engineering students attending colleges and universities in Michigan. 

Why We Utilize UAS (And You Should, Too)

Imagine using balloons, kites or even pigeons to take aerial images. In addition to the challenge, technique, and costs involved, many of these photographs were unusable or didn’t have enough detail for the early surveyors and engineers to utilize. The aerial images we use today have evolved considerably from these early inventive methods. Aerial imagery captured from … Read more

Celebrating World GIS Day

Happy GIS Day! Today we celebrate geographic information systems (GIS) technology and help unite the geospatial community in a global movement of collaboration, sharing and education. GIS technology makes a positive difference and benefits the lives of millions of people. It enables us to make smarter decisions about land use, energy, water, natural hazards, biodiversity, … Read more