HEI rolls-out ArcGIS Server

Our world is ever changing. Keeping track of and communicating these changes can be a nearly impossible task unless you have the right people, process, and technology. The good news is Holland Engineering has all three, and we’re continuing to provide value to our clients by adding a powerful mapping tool to our arsenal, ArcGIS …

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HEI Offers Engineering Scholarship Opportunity to Local Students

Holland Engineering recognizes the value of investing in the future of young industry professionals through our annual scholarship. Each year we alternate awarding a scholarship to either Survey or Engineering students attending colleges and universities in Michigan. 

Why We Utilize UAS (And You Should, Too)

Imagine using balloons, kites or even pigeons to take aerial images. In addition to the challenge, technique, and costs involved, many of these photographs were unusable or didn’t have enough detail for the early surveyors and engineers to utilize. The aerial images we use today have evolved considerably from these early inventive methods. Aerial imagery captured from …

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Celebrating World GIS Day

Happy GIS Day! Today we celebrate geographic information systems (GIS) technology and help unite the geospatial community in a global movement of collaboration, sharing and education. GIS technology makes a positive difference and benefits the lives of millions of people. It enables us to make smarter decisions about land use, energy, water, natural hazards, biodiversity, …

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Using Mobile LiDAR Scanning to Enrich our Clients’ Projects

Since incorporating Mobile LiDAR services late this past summer, Holland Engineering has been busy using this technology to create value to several of our clients on a wide range of projects.  The application for this new survey tool is deep and many of our clients are seeing the time and cost savings benefit that this …

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Holland Engineering Launches Mobile Lidar Scanning Team

Holland Engineering is proud to announce the incorporation of Mobile Lidar to its growing list of services.  Recognizing the need to provide clients with the best solutions for each project, Holland Engineering is constantly evaluating the technologies that will best serve our clients. Mobile Lidar allows the ability to drive at highway speeds while collecting …

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Holland Engineering “Tidies” Up Their Sweeping Program

For several years now, Holland Engineering’s Surveying Staff have been assisting our clients with 4-Way Sweeping services in the field. A 4-Way Sweep is an investigative process in which electronic pipe locators and other means are used to find, trace, and help identify both underground and above ground utilities within a defined geographical location. As …

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